This nectar vine is very miraculous, neither itself dies nor lets it die

 In Ayurveda, Giloy is also called Amrit Bel.  The reason is, neither it dies itself nor does the person consuming it get any disease.  Giloy can be consumed by anyone of any age.  This miraculous junk-herb is also very beneficial in normal to severe diseases like diarrhea, dengue and cancer.

 Giloy is a multi-year vine.  Its leaves are like betel leaf, and the fruits are like peas.  Giloy leaves are bitterly astringent and pungent in taste.

 In Ayurveda, it has been considered as the great medicine of fever and has given it the name Jeevika.  Giloy is easy to digest, increases appetite and is also beneficial for the eyes.

 Benefits of Giloy

 1. antipyretic:

 Giloy elements have antipyretic ability.  Drinking Giloy's juice during fever can provide relief in fever.  This disease also increases immunity, which reduces the possibility of fever.

 2. Digestive capacity:

 If Giloy is also used along with Triphala, the digestive system will get immediate benefits from disorders related to it.

 3. Make the blood clear:

 Giloy has anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties that cleanse our blood and help to make it healthy.

 4. Reduce mental stress with Giloy:

 Stress affects every area of ​​life, so Giloy can be beneficial for relieving stress.  You can also reduce stress with the consumption of Giloy, this is due to the adaptogenic elements found in it that help in reducing stress.  According to Ayurveda, it excretes such elements from the body that cause mental depression.  In Ayurvedic tonic, it is used to increase the capacity of the brain.  Taking its powder mixed with honey can help in brain-related diseases.

 5. Use of Giloy for Skin:

 Giloy is also used for the prevention of skin diseases.  Giloy is useful for infections caused by skin.  In addition to shingles, pimples, pimples, the use of Giloy removes wrinkles and darkening of the skin, due to the anti-aging properties found in it.  Applying its juice on the skin in the form of a paste is also beneficial.

 6. Use of Giloy in Cancer:

 Giloy has anti-oxidants properties that help us to get the free radicals out of the body.  Tilus, neem and wheat sorghum can be taken along with Giloy, it can be helpful in preventing the spread of cancer.

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